How to stop looping emitter from bp?

Hello, I’m quite new with UE4 and I have a problem with my blueprint, this is the screenshot.

My problem is the blueprint don’t want to deactivate or destroy my particle [Jump_Next_Particle] after it has been triggered.
And now here is my main problem.

If I use 1 loop emitter on my particle [Jump_Next_Particle] my particle will spawn with small delay (which is bad). I don’t know from where the delay coming from because my emitter have the delay set to 0 between each loop. And my problem is solved but the delay is now my problem.

And if I use 0 loop emitter on my particle [Jump_Next_Particle] my particle will spawn normal at normal rate (which is nice). But now I can’t stop my emitter from spawning. I already try adding delay 0.5 second (because my particle lifetime is 0.5 second) and then connecting it to deactivate or destroy. But after it has been triggered my particle (Jump_Next_Particle) keep spawning even after I already put the node.

I already try to put another particle ([Jump_Particle] this time) but it work perfectly normal. But after I try [Jump_Next_Particle] it didn’t work.

Just “Deactivate” the particle system. The emitter will stop.

As for the delay, have you try a higher value for the “warmup time” of the particle system?

Thank you for replying. Now my problem have been solved, since you gave me a way to speed up the unknown delay. And for the blueprint I want it to go automatically without me pressing a button because its a bouncer. But with your suggestion for the particle system, i’m using my first way and my problem will be fixed. Thank you so much! xD

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