How to stop footsteps overlapping when using the random node in a sound cue?

Hey, I currently have 8 footstep sounds in a sound cue, which I’m connecting through a random node. When I add a sound notify on an animation, it works perfectly, however once in game I believe the blendspace is causing sounds from other animations to play over the top of each other in rapid succession.

I suspect the override concurrency option doesn’t work with the same sound cue file, so any advice would be appreciated!


Having the same issue. I will let you know if I find anything or vice versa.

This is super specific to ALSV4 as this is what I’m using as my locomotion framework. However, it may help: Make a TPS with ALSv4 in UE4 - 111 - Footstep Sounds - 1 #MrWhiz - YouTube

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