How to stop foliage stops disappearing when camera moves away?

I am using unreal engine 4.27 with film/television mode. When I paint some foliage and added some procedural grass to the scene, it seems to be disappearing when camera moves away. I attached a screenshot to understand the issue bit more clearly. Thanks[Processing:

Check the ‘Cull Distance’ settings in the Instance settings of the specific foliage

These basically set the distance at which the foliage disappears and are setup by type. You can make the trees disappear at one distance and the grass at another one.

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Thanks for the reply, I removed all painted foliage, now I am using procedural grass with Foliage spawning. can you help with that?

Well it does have the cull distance settings as well. Look at this screenshot from here

I’d suggest you check that configuration first as I doubt it works differently.