How to stop door moving when it hits the player

Hello, i did a door blue print and when i open it and stand in front of it, it just goes through me. Is there any way i can
stop the animation when it hits the character so it wont go through him

here’s my blueprint of the door

Create a new Boolean variable and add two overlap events for the actual static mesh component of the door. Set the variable to true on overlap and on end set it back to false. Add the tick event and check to see if the variable is set to true, if it is then stop the matinee actor. If it is false then you play it again, but then you would run into a problem, and that is if you hit the door and walk away while it is not opening, it would trigger the animation. To fix that you can create another Boolean and set it to true and false when you play and reverse the animations. Every tick before you check if the first variable is true or false, make sure that the second one is also true. Hope this helps, I’ll post a pic when I get home.

Also make sure that the static mesh component has collision applied or this won’t work.

Thanks for the answer, i’m a total beginner so i have no idea how to do that.
I will be waiting for your picture then :slight_smile: on the meantime, i’m gonna try to make sense of that… hehe.