How to stop destructible mesh from being destroyed when character touch it (UE5)

hello everyone, i want to make a destructible mesh to be destroyed when character swing with his sword only. I already knew how to setup this but when character collide with the destructible mesh, the destructible mesh is destroy just by touching it so i want it to have more resistance or destroyed only by strong force ( strong force = the force of the sword when character swing it to attack ).
thanks in advance.
Note: i want the character to collide with it but do not destroy it by pushing it for example.

you could have it such that when the event which makes the sword swing animation fires, it queries if an object is overlapped. If so, send an interface message to the overlapped actor saying, “player has swung sword and you have been hit!”

then the hit actor can decide what they want to do from that event. Trigger teh destruction, etc.

You will want to research “blueprint interfaces” to make that happen. But to test the basic idea, you can just get the hit actor and cast to them directly.

i know all of this my friend (triggers, interfaces, etc…). and i did the hit trigger and every thing but when i enable the physics mesh collision, the sword does not break the destructible mesh and give it impulse so i will appreciate it if u can give me a link do something like it or near it. Thanks in advance

that sounds like a completely different question worthy of its own thread.

Thank you for such an interesting question.

One subject I would look into are anchor fields. You can find one in you Engine> EditorResources> FieldNodes folder.

If you place one in your level covering some part of your Geometry Collection, you will be able to have that section stay put to an extent. To accomplish this, you click on your Geometry collection in the level, and search for “Initialization”. Add an element to the array and set the value to the anchor field you placed in your level.

Setting the Initialization Field:


I always advise in duplicating the asset in the engine and using your copied version.
I understand this will not help you much in terms of your awesome sword implementation, but this may help your characters not bump into walls and have them fall like glass dominoes.

Thanks for your replay i appreciate it, i saw tutorials about what u say, but i fixed this by making the character mesh as pawn or anything expect physicsmesh so character does not break the box like glass now. my problem is how to make the sword to hit the wall as the ball in image when character swing his swords and break the wall with a custom impulse.
Thank you again for replaying on my issue.

Thank you for the response, it is great that you are aquainted with Anchor Fields.

For your sword, I am unable to give an accurate response until I see some of your Blueprint work or an example of your current progress as the answer may be more complicated than what I am providing at this moment. You may also garner more answers by creating a new topic as suggested by BIGTIMEMASTER.

In the meantime, I performed a quick test.
My “sword” is a static mesh that has a box collision. This box collision has ‘Generate Overlap Events’ checked to True. This managed to make my geometry collection crumble with no additional blueprint work needed.

I look forward to your new topic and I hope this bit of information assists you in the meantime.

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thanks sir, i will create a new topic

Same Question

i am still thinking about a solution if i found something i will inform u. And u also if u found something inform me please. :slight_smile:

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