How to Stop DerivedDataCache Maintenance ?

When Unreal Engine 5 starting it using %100 HDD for at least 15-30 min. and when i work on projects its repeating same process in time. I monitored disk activity and looking like its doing something about cached files. At the end it shows “LogDerivedDataCache: C:/Users/xxxx/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/Common/DerivedDataCache: Maintenance finished in +00:31:22.329 and deleted 0 file(s) with total size 0 MiB” kind messages. I dont want to delete cache cause shader compiling is torture to me. How can i stop this maintenance process ?

Same issue here. It takes 10 minutes for me to start a blank level.

copy default settings for Local and Shared variables from C:\your engine path\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini
under section [InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph] for launcher build OR [DerivedDataBackendGraph] for source build

add it to your DefaultEngine.ini under same section then change/add : DeleteUnused=false or if you want change it in base config :person_shrugging:

so in DefaultEngine.ini those should look like :

; ...

Local=(Type=FileSystem,   DeleteUnused=false ,  PurgeTransient=true, UnusedFileAge=34, Path="%ENGINEVERSIONAGNOSTICUSERDIR%DerivedDataCache", EnvPathOverride=UE-LocalDataCachePath, EditorOverrideSetting=LocalDerivedDataCache)
Shared=(Type=FileSystem,   DeleteUnused=false ,  UnusedFileAge=10, FoldersToClean=10, ConsiderSlowAt=70, Path=?EpicDDC, EnvPathOverride=UE-SharedDataCachePath, EditorOverrideSetting=SharedDerivedDataCache, CommandLineOverride=SharedDataCachePath)
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Thank you so much!! I made sure DeleteUnused=false,was set for all DDC entries (this seems to be the default in 5.3 now?) and I also added DeleteUnused=false, to the Local and Shared sections under [DerivedDataBackendGraph] and [InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph] in the BaseEngine.ini. Previously I had also set PurgeTransient=false, for all DDC entries, though this setting no longer appears in Unreal Engine 5.3’s BaseEngine.ini.