How to stop cursor from following camera in VR?

When you move your head with a VR headset, the cursor “follows” your head which results it wonky cursor click detection on 3D UMG’s.

I actually understand the cursor isn’t “following” - the opposite happens, where the cursor is staying in place on your HMD’s position. I’m having a hard time making it stay in place in ‘world space’. Is it possible to “leave” your cursor outside of your monitor’s render screen? I’m not too good with that concept.

Basically I have a spherical screen surrounding myself, with 3D UMGs floating about. I can summon the cursor and click on buttons; in VR, I make the mouse visible by drawing a small sphere exactly 100 units from the cursor’s position (cursor world position + world direction*100). Without VR, it presses UMG’s exactly where it should. With VR…sometimes its offset to the left/right, sometimes its accurate (why does this happen?). But mostly importantly, it “follows” where your head turns, making dragging 3D UMGs in world space a bit funky. Sometimes I want to hold on to a 3D UMG in place while I look elsewhere, without dragging it with me. Is there any way to do so?

I too would like to figure this out. At this point I’m experimenting with canceling out the “mesh cursor” movement when the head is moving by using the HMD orientation and position data on event tick.

I’ll probably try that too. Would appreciate if anyone could give insight on this, I’m working on a 2 year solo project that’s almost done but this is the last thing that’s blocking me from finishing it =(

Bump, this still seems to be a big issue with being able to properly work around not being able to emulate the mouse in VR in 3D widgets.

Those are great solutions, that’s how i do it, i have 3 options, cursor from mouse, cursor from hmd, or cursor from motion controller.

Doing a cursor from mouse though i get the same thing, it “follows” the hmd so its a bit useless that way.
My pawn is set to not use control rotation, even tried set to not lock to hmd, and i still get that.

Im guessing, that makes sense and you just cant do it unless you locked the rotation of your camera.

Best beat is really to trace from either the HMD, like in that link, or from the motion controller (done the same way)