How to stop currently playing animation and replay instantly after same key input

Hi guys, lets say I have a gun animation and have the state of idle and shoot. Whenever I triggered my fire button, the shoot animation will play (bCanShoot && bIsFireTriggered), right now I want to make it stop the animation and re-enter the shoot transition instantly after I hit the fire button again, how can I achieve that? Thanks.

Checked the FPS template it uses c++ to play the animation instead. Any solution on Animation BP?

On an Anim BP, take a look at Conduits. You’d probably want to transition out to a conduit, then back in to the animation node to ‘restart’ the animation from the beginning.

Another alternative is to setup 2 identical fire animation states that, if the button is pressed, just bounce between each other in a sense and restart the fire animation.

Is there any reason the C++ version in the FPP template doesn’t do what you’d like?

Because it’s easier for animator to work on the animation stuff using BP without looking at the code :wink: Thanks for the answer would check it out.

No prob! IIRC the animator shouldn’t have to look at any code to edit the FPP template fire animation. That was a montage set on the Character BP I think.