How to stop construction script execution

Hello. Im using a construction script for an in-game spawned objects configuration.
And i want to make error handling inside him. So, how can i stop it from execution and dont spawn this object, if an error has been ocured?

I checked engine source code and what it does it simply preemptively destroys the actor when some error occurs. here some example:

		case ESpawnActorCollisionHandlingMethod::AdjustIfPossibleButDontSpawnIfColliding:
			// Try to find a spawn position			
			FVector AdjustedLocation = GetActorLocation();
			FRotator AdjustedRotation = GetActorRotation();
			if (World->FindTeleportSpot(this, AdjustedLocation, AdjustedRotation))
				SetActorLocationAndRotation(AdjustedLocation, AdjustedRotation, false, nullptr, ETeleportType::TeleportPhysics);
				UE_LOG(LogSpawn, Warning, TEXT("SpawnActor failed because of collision at the spawn location [%s] for [%s]"), *AdjustedLocation.ToString(), *GetClass()->GetName());

Not sure how this gonna be have on construction script

Other solution would be do checks before actor is spawned if thats possible, using your own static spawn function, in case of blueprint using Blueprint Function Library. This is actually how AActor overrides standard UObject creation for actors by having it own function to create actors in UWorld regardless of AActor being also a UObject.