How to stop Character movement when opening ingame menu?

Hey there unreal community, im busy building a 2 player online game. My problem right now is that when a player presses pause while he is also pressing forward, he will keep moving while he is in the in game menu.

Now this isnt really a big problem, just close the menu and you are good to go, however i also have a gameover screen that opens a ingame menu as well and it looks realy silly if you keep moving while game over. I use a “set input to ui only” node as soon as the menu opens but this doesnt stop any movement orders already in place.

Does anyone know how i can stop characters movement when the menu opens?

Did you try doing this without using the Set Input to UI Only node?

What might be happening is, you’re disabling the input from the gamepad the moment the UI is up, which therefore disables the “release” button or the change of axis values, whatever you’re using, none of them are being registered or changed as you have disabled those updates, so the game assumes the inputs are just were you left them.

if i remove set input to ui only, you are still able to issue movement and the camera will follow the mouse. again this wouldnt realy be a problem for the ingame menu but it would be silly if i could move while game over

You can switch possession between the UI and the pawn; that way you can use your UI with a controller.

You mention Character - it has a component that has a half all movement node - I would do that in addition to the suggestions above to disabling input

Thanks, that fixed it

Doesn’t work on 4.20.2