How to stop animation?

Hello, i have character and animation on it’s mesh - sitting. Question is pretty simple - how to stop it animation?

“Stop” animation node - not working // “set animation mode” to anim blueprint - same., // “set animation” or “PlayAnimation” nodes with none animation - not working, char still sitting )

What do you mean with “stop animation”? Back to T pose? Remove the animation BP? Stop the machine state?

all of it :slight_smile: I’m just trying to do something to stop the animation. To return it to it’s state machine would be prefer ofc :slight_smile:

“get anim instace” node stringing with characters animation bp, but not playing it, char sitting =\

Set Animation Mode to other option than “Use Animation Blueprint”:



i found “pause animation” node - working (ave) it pausing sitting animation, but char still sitting…