How to stop animation and sound on movement

Hi gyus, so I’m making Emotes for my game and I need it so if the player moves at all it cancels the Animation and the Sound, does anyone know how to do this?

Here is my code in ThirdPersonCharacter for the emote:

I also need it so once the B key is pressed you can’t press it again until you move. Without this you can spam the key and the sound goes crazy.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. The emote and sound loops, the sound is playing a cue

hi you can make a montage and put then a notefy add sound

Hey man!

For the press B key once thing I did a weird FlipFlop. Below is a pic of what i did but for my attack.

Basically you would need to create a variable called somthing like (UsingEmote?) and just replace what I did with my IsAttacking? Variables with your UsingEmote? Variable.

Then After the SET Variable you need to hook up the play Animation then after the animation add a delay with the duration set to the animation length. then out from the delay you need to Set the Variable again but this time uncheck it.

This Should Work.

Let me know if it worked!
Kind Regards!