How to Stop and Continue camera movement along spline? (Timeline limitation)

Hi. I have a camera that is moving along spline. When level starts i can press LeftArrow key so camera will move forward, or RightArrow key to move it back. So the task here is to make it stop at known SplinePoint and wait until i press left/right key again to continue its movement again. And that is where i can’t surpass a Timeline limitation which is when camera reaches target SplinePoint it stops completly (obviously because i’m using Stop Exec on Timeline) and doesn’t react on keys press. Is there a way to use maybe some kind of Pause for Timeline? Or i need something else rather then Timeline for my goal?

Thx for your answer ! I can’t test it right now though. :frowning: Anyway I’ll try it forsure.

This is not a timeline limitation, it a ‘your blueprint’ limitation :slight_smile:

Ok, solution. Have a bool on the tick to stop it doing anything once it has stopped the timeline.

So when you stop the timeline, set Stopped to true. On tick, don’t make the comparision if Stopped = TRUE. Set Stopped to false again, once the timeline starts ( on the update pin ).

No worries. This does the trick if it’s only one point you’re stopping at:

In general, the answer for multiple points is:

Yup, it’s working as i need. Much appreciated :slight_smile: