How to stop an npc from being pushed by player on a moving object (spline path)

hi, my buddy and myself are trying to figure out how to stop the player pushing an npc on a moving ship via the spline path setup. the trouble is we are stuck the npc is being pushed by the player through the boat and into the ocean. we are not sure how to stop this from happening any help or advice welcome. the player only pushes the npc backwards which is strange but also going away from the direction the ship is travelling. we are UTTERLY confused lol…

here is a video link to the issue.
link text

it looks like something on your npc (weapon or collider or something) or maybe on your player, is applying physics. you should pretty much never use physics with characters, if you need to add a force use “Launch Character”

Hi thanks for the reply physics is disabled and all works fine when on land its only on the moving boat we have trouble and only in one direction i also find it strange he doesn’t fall through the boat but clips into it at the back, if i stop the boat from moving the issue isnt there again only when it is moving strange :confused: