How to stop a Persisting Spawn Sound 2D?

I have a Spawn Sound 2D with Persist Across Level Transition Activated. It is attached to a Custom Event in my Game_Instance_Blueprint and launched when my Character_Blueprint is loaded in level 1. My issue is that i can always stop the song playing as long as im inside level 1. As soon as i go to level 2 it is (what i call) “Persisting Mode” as i want it to, but i can’t stop it when i need it to.
How can i stop it in level 2?

Try moving that Custom Event (and a variable to store a reference to that sound 2D) into your own GameState. From either level you can then call “Get Game State” → “Cast To” [your custom Game State] and assign/read the sound to/from that variable and call your functions on it.