How to stop a particle system from spawning and remove when active particles are dead?

I have a dust effect caused by a rocket powered lander, i want the engines and dust to stop spawning but let the currently existing particles to die naturally.

right now if i destroy the component obviously all particles just snap out of existence.

i figure theres some simple solution here im missing

Hey ClaverFlav -

Don’t destroy your component but deactivate it instead this will stop the spawning process but allow the existing particles to live out their life.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum


There is also a checkbox in the particle system setting that may help with this. It’s on the required module on the emitter, and you have two options. Kill on Deactivate (usually don’t want this) and Kill on Complete (This!)

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i love u both… we should make babies… in unreal of course LOL

seriously thank you :slight_smile:

Eric pass my compliments on to the (particle) chef, you all rock.

How to deactivate particle system, I have a particle emitter attached to my WheeledVehicle subclass blueprint, i attached that emitter to my vehicle mesh socket and on released i want it to stop emitting particles.

Hey funmania -

In your event Graph, pull off the variable for your particle system and start typing “Deactivate.” Connect that deactivate node to the event you want to drive it.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I have a particle system that was created with a SPAWNEMITTERATTACHED Node and it is attached to a socket that i created on the FPS Arms Mesh, on the right hand(Palm). I can’t get the emitter to stop after it spawns how can I deactivate the Emitter? The Emitter is a Beam Type emitter

P.S. I’m new to UE4(been using it for about a month now.)

Cool, solved my problem! Thank you, guys!

Thanks it helped

Sorry, but how to do that exactly?