How to stop a function while colliding with the character

Hi guys, I’m trying to stop a function that I put in the blueprint of the platform actor, the function causes them to move to a certain place infinitely. I wanted that when the character collided with these platforms they would stop right where they are. Thank you for any help.

blueprint actor Plataform:

You want stop event tick when there is overlap?

There are various options to do so:
As suggested above you can stop the tick function SetActorTickEnabled false,
if you still need a tick function for other sort of things you can add a boolean variable - and perform your function while the var is true - on begin overlap you can set it to false and on end overlap you can return it back to true.

yes! I Want it

I Try use a boolean with a branch and the events begin overlap and end overlap but something im doing is wrong… look…

Can it be any problem in my actor’s collision?

I’ll keep to trying
Thank you very much!

This is working but only with other actors, with the character it continues the function… I Was thinking… would it be better if I animatedly move the platforms and then put a function to stop when colliding?
My goal is to make the platform stop moving as soon as the character falls on it

What exactly is wrong?
I mean the bp looks fine

Oh, so the character (pawn I suppose) does not generate the overlap event with the platform.
Try to play with the collision preset of the platform/pawn.

If you want to stop the movement forever you can override the hit event (collision) and disable the tick function/set the bool.

Hey… I Got It!!! xD
So … I was calling the collision event from the wrong object, I should have selected the triggerbox and then generated the onActorBeginOverlap command
anyway thank you very much for the help

I glad you did it sir!

Good Luck!

xD Thank you