How to stick or freeze objects that simulate physic together in order to build a Bridge?

Hello guys I am pretty new to both Unreal 4 and this discord; but maybe someone here can help me out. I managed to create a way for a 3rd person character to be able to pick up objects that only simulate physics. I did this because in my game I want to be able to pick up objects and have them simulate physic while I am dragging them (kind of like humans fall flat but not on that level).

The part I am struggling with is that I want to be able to build bridges across floating islands, and for that I need the placed objects to snap to other objects together or freeze them somehow in the air in order to make the bridge between the islands.

I was trying to use hitboxes along with stop simulating physics blueprints but that was breaking by either not allowing me to grab the objects anymore once they have touched the hitbox or the object wouldn’t at all stop simulating physics. Anyone can help or point me up to something I could watch/read as I couldn’t find anything to help me with my problem.

Here are all the blueprints I am currenlty using:

As I said I am pretty new to this so if I did something completley wrong feel free to explain how and why was that wrong if you have time Thank you very much for your time :3

For some reason images of Blueprints are really bad res on this forum but if you right clikc each image and open it in new tab the res is back to what it was in preview.

Try this. It might help.