How to step Right/Left smoothly

How can I move more smoothly than this?:


If you want to smooth out the camera movement only, attach it to a Springarm and Enable Camera Lag.

If you want to move the actor smoothly, you’ll need a slightly different approach:

The input sets a desired value and the interpolation node will try to reach it based on the Interp Speed. You will need to adapt it slightly to use the appropriate forward/right vector, of course. This is just an overall idea.

You can also combine the above-mentioned interpolation with camera lag for for utterly-buttery smoothness :wink:

To get it to work like shown above, you’ll need to add proper inputs:

Hi Everynone,

Thanks again. I don’t think I know how to use Right Vector in your bp. When I press my left move key I will move left. When I hit right I keep moving left for a bit then I moves right. It’s almost seems like a delay.

The bp below yours works but after a few moves it becomes inconsistent. I end up in the middle of lanes.

Would having more than 3 lanes make a difference?


You never mentioned any lanes in the original post. The script I posted just makes the movement smooth, it does nothing else.

Is this supposed to be like an infinite runner? Are you using 3rd person template for this?

Besides, you’re using double inputs now. Custom input mapping and Right/Left - is there a reason for this?

If you’er after an infinite runner example, consider following one of the runner tutorials, the basics are explained pretty thoroughly:

Sorry about that. It’s a endless runner in the 3rd person template. 4.13 version.

I’ve check out his videos but his movement for left and right is a bit different than mine. I’m going for something like subway surfer and minion rush.

No real reason for the custom input mapping. Later I plan on making it so the player can customize their controls.


Use Unreal Spline System , This Will Be Perfect