How to start?

I am totally new to unreal engine 4 I know some C++ programming (I originally come from Java background), I just tried to learn from the tutorials on the YouTube channel but I couldn’t synchronize because my engine version(4.17) is far updated than the one in the tutorials, I don’t know if the tutorials built-inside the engine are sufficient or not so please I really need help it is hard when you have lots of creativity and imagination and can’t make them true because you don’t know how to use the right tools.

I have been through the same phase. I would suggest the following things.

  1. Unreal C++ is different from normal C++. If you know some C++, then learn that properly first. I would suggest “Accelerated C++ programming” book. Then go for UE4 C++.
  2. It does not matter that the tutorials use older UE4 versions. The structure of UE4 C++ remains the same. It is possible that definitions of some functions have changed over time. Refer to UE4 documentation for that.
  3. Start by implementing something small. Like, If you throw a ball in a basket, you get points. Build onto that. I understand that you have lots of ideas and are eager to make something awesome, but you have to learn first, and in a proper way. I would also suggest UE4 courses on Udemy. This is a good one to start with. It is 10 $ only.

Good Luck.

Actually I learned lots of concepts about C++ from edx Microsoft Course, also there is a Tutorial on Unreal Engine Youtube page about getting into Unreal C++, I don’t know to look at this video or to go make the Tank vs Zombies C++ project first?

Do the tutorial and start developing. You can’t learn if you don’t develop. Make smaller games which only have one functionality first, then go for bigger projects.