How to start with grid based movement system?

So i don’t have any experience about the grid movement. I’m not sure how to start. I think it would be a great learning material to create a simple grid movement so i ask your help.

Here is the simplest example i found about the thing i am after
So how would i start building this? I know about basics of how to communicate with blueprints but i’m not sure how proceed here. Is there some kind of build in system to create grids or are all those grid-tiles just different meshes that are side by side? What would be best way to start counting where you can move in that grid? I could not found any tutorial about the subject so if you know any, i would very much like to know :)!

In the details of the video you mentioned there’s a thread this video was replied to:

I had a quick look into the thread and he’s explaining how to solve your problem.