How to start with C++ programming - any tips ?

Hi. I am a blueprint user, and wish to learn C++, in order to expose various things, such as portmidi library or external files to Blueprints. Where to start with programming ? Is there a guide or online resource that could teach me all I need to know in other to work with C++ in UE4 ? I should also mention that I have no prior experience with a programming language, excepting a little UnityScript I’ve learned long time ago. Could you help me please ?

Anyone… ?

I haven’t tried it, but look at this course: Unreal Engine 4 Course (Create Multiplayer Games with C++) | Udemy

Also this youtube series: Beginner C++ with Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Read the documentation. It is the best source.

Everyone want’s a video tutorial, but tutorials show how to do one thing step by step and that doesn’t help you solve problems on your own. They are useful in getting ideas about how others went about solving a similar problem to what you may have, but not as a sole source.

Your best bet to learn how to program is to go to school for a Computer Science degree.

Talking about different languages such as C++, C#, or Python is like talking about what type of hammers and saws a carpenter likes to use, and rating the power and efficiency of each, with tutorials showing how to use a saw to cut a piece of wood. But, completely forgetting to discuss what the Architect did to draw up the Blueprints, what the Building Engineer did to draw up the engineering plans from the Architects Design, and then what the Superintendent did to plan out the project from the plans, what the foreman did to order the materials, lumber, nuts and bolts etc. off the plans, down to the carpenters who built the walls. All the management of getting the plumbers and electricians to put there stuff in before the foundation was poured. That is an analogy for all the things a programmer does, or a team of them when designing and then coding a game.

And. If you know all that. It doesn’t matter if it’s C++, C# or some new made up language for the project. It’s just a tool and you can figure out how to use it yourself, referring to some tutorials to speed the process along.

Udemy course is what I follow and is great, very beginner friendly for non coders. It also has a very active community with dedicate forums.

Thanks everyone for your answers. I think I will follow the YouTube videos for now. After that, I might take the course.

After having had a introduction to programming I found solving coding challenges more effective than anything.
You learn basics of algorithms and syntax while being motivated by your ego to conquer it.

I suggest doing hackerank challenges as they have nice point system where your efforts become more tangible.

I recommend you to use the visual assist plugin:

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You are Welcome.
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