How to start the Play Mode from a Cinematic Sequence?

I was searching & searching, but I couldn’t find any tutorial that would explain me how I can do that. Might search with the wrong keywords, idk.

@what I would like to do:

  1. I created a sequence
  2. When you press the play button, the sequence should start and after the sequence finished, the user should jump back to the original spawner.

That’s it. How to do that? Any Video Tutorials or step by step guides?
Thank you so much, appreciate your help!

Thank you so much… this was great. So basically… if I want to start from a sequence… I can locate a Player Actor inside of a trigger box.

What other trigger’s can I chose from?
Best would be… if I can chose a different trigger.

[Trigger] As soon as the level starts → then start the sequence and play it once.

I am also wondering… is there a library to look up and search for all the actions, variables, event triggers and functions I can use for Blueprints?
Kinda like a Library… so I know for what specific terms (keywords / program language) I can search for!

First time user with the visual blueprints… sorry about my rookie questions… but freaking love it!
Thank you for any little help - appreciate it!

You don’t need to use a trigger box, that was just one example of where to call the ‘Play’ node for the sequence. To me it sounds like you might want to put it on the BeginPlay event in the Level blueprint.

As for a library for blueprints: Unreal Engine Blueprint API Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation
Not sure how helpful that’s going to be though?

its better to use matinee. one u complete camera sequence just select matinee and in the property click play on load. by this way whenever u click play, matinee will play not the game mode.

I can’t find this subclass blueprint in Unreal Tournament 4 level editor. This is what I have instead.