How to start or move ahead?

Hello everyone, I am Zeal.

I was told that my previous post was not answered because the question I was asking was to vague.

Specifically, I am trying to create a in game player building system with blue prints only.
I want to make a game a player go into builder mode first, then pick what he wants to place, example for foundation : He/She does a line Trace to check if the foundation is on a flat surface and build able area. If true allows player to place it down. If false turns red showing unplaceable. Then if they were to place another foundation it would do the same checks but also check if there’s another foundation to snap to. Is that correct? I believe that once I understood how to do the foundation, The walls and etc would be clear how to’s to me I’m hoping. I’m sorry to bother you guys, I know you are busy. But this forum was my last resort.

First question, is this possible with only using blueprint?

Second question, which type of line trace would I need to use?

I have bought the system from the market place and the one from the forums, I tried to study and understand what they did and how they did it. Even talked to the creators.

If I am going about this the wrong way please let me know.

Yes it’s entirely possible with just blueprints.

Im not sure what you mean by what type of line trace since there is only 1 type…as far as I am aware anyway.

If you have purchased the 1 off the marketplace and studied the blueprints then I think perhaps your blueprint or programming understanding is not quite good enough to tackle it yet and you should try out the Epic tutorials on Youtube and you would probably get a better understanding of what their blueprints are doing.

I’ve done the tutorials , the problem I am having is, the ones on the marketplace automatically crashes my unreal as soon as I open it’s blueprints. So when studying it I chose to ask him personally. Right now I just need to understand about line trace and ray cast a little more in depth. That is all I want to know , the videos i’ve found talk about shooting a line trace from a weapon. The three types I was referring to in question #2 were : Single , Multi, and Shape.