How to start off?


So me and some friends have combined this idea for a game, an open-world, skyisland, airship kind of game. And i was wondering how you actually start working on like a real Project.
I don’t want to end up starting all over again because i didn’t start off the right way.

So how do you get your project ready (while keeping what kind of game we want to make in mind)?
We’ll be using Unreal engine, probably Blender too.
Should i use C++? (I have some experience in programming)

(sorry for the lack of questions, i just really don’t know where to start.)

thanks in advance

P.S Many questions could follow from this point on…

Fair warning, a full scale game will take A LOT of time and effort. Youre gonna need to really commit to this if you dont want to end up with vaporware.

That said, its definitely doable if you put in the time and effort needed to pull it off.

How many are you? What are your competencies? The most efficient way to go about undertaking a big project is to specialize in a specific aspect of development (animation, 3D modeling/art, programming, level design, sound). If youre all starting from scratch, this is also the best approach to learning the requisite basics for each discipline within a reasonable timeframe.

As for a specific timeline for development, that depends on where most of your talents lie. The idea is to show off a demo that will attract the talent you lack. If youre mostly programmers, focus on getting a functional gameplay prototype out the door. If youre mostly artists focus on getting something like a cinematic trailer done to show of the general artistic direction you want to pursue.

Basically divide the work into smaller more bite sized chunks. Its a great motivator seeing slow and sure progress with focused and directed effort. Get a single playable area working. Rig one character to completion. Make one enemy with functioning AI the character can fight. Get basic gamplay elements implemented (inventory, combat, UI). Small measurable steps like that which gives the team a sense of accomplishment and encourages you all to push on.

Basically, do not under estimate the power of having a plan.

Good luck!

You could in theory start the project by sitting in an empty room, meditating. There are no rules, only advice, like the one above about breaking tasks into smaller measurable chunks.

If you’re asking whether to use C++, maybe spend a few days with UE. I’m on day 10, and wow, I can already see how deep those blueprints go. It’s basically programming. Blueprint does achieve a great deal of what previously was boring lines of code, the logic is all there. I come from javascript, but I wasn’t keen on making games in javascript. There’s a certain fatigue that sets in when too much script complexity is on your plate.

Thanks for the useful replies!
I’ll take note of your advice and i will divide my project into chunks.
We are with only 4 people (incl me.). I’m the strongest in programming, and will be working with the engine and gameplay. we have 2 artists; one creating the main characters and all human like models, the other artist is the enemy artist he creates the creatures of the game. then our last man is the story teller.