How to start an actor moving again after teleporting?

Hey all.

I’ve got an actor that I “teleport” using Set Actor Transform. It is basically an FPS character. But when I’ve called the SAT node, the character then floats in the air until I press a key to move it, which then starts the movement again (and the character falls to the floor if they are above ground, which is what I want).

Anyone know how to kick the movement code in again to do that automatically after the SAT node? I’ve tried simply injecting a move input into the controller with a small upward input and that didn’t do anything. Plus it felt a bit too hacky for me. I’m assuming either the velocity vectors are reset or there is some “mode” I need to save/restore, but without docs for the nodes I have no idea of the effect SAT has on the various controllers.

There is a teleport function in actor. I beleive it should take care of everything for you.

Thanks for that, yes it did what I wanted. Much appreciated.