How to start a Timeline node in Blueprint via sequencer?

Hello there,
My Map contains many animations that are generated by a timeline node within various blueprints. I manage to trigger the start events (custom events) through the sequencer, but the timeline nodes do not react. Do I have to convert every door that runs over a timeline for a cinematic so that it is completely controlled by the sequencer?

Hi. I just ran into the same problem. My sequencer is initiated by Begin Play and controls a Timeline which doesn’t trigger at Begin Play. However, it does trigger once the same actor has another command sent to it.

Did you get a solution to your problem?

This is curious, because I can tell you for a fact I’ve used Sequencer to trigger events that drive a timeline and effect setpostion on an animation and a bunch of other stuff.

In a lot of ways I’d recommend using Sequencer instead of timeline for sequences because you can more accurately key your results. Mixing real-time and sequence can cause some messes

The one note I will add, is that testing your game in-editor with the Sequencer window open has some really interesting side effects. If your sequence animates your character, the animation will be stuck wherever the slider is in the sequencer window, even if the sequence hasn’t been triggered yet. Generally you can control almost everything via sequence as long as the sublevel is open(if you use sublevels) and referenced correctly, but this also means this side effect can alter anything you are keying. If you encounter this issue it’s best to close the Sequencer window before running your test.

I have a similar issue.

  • I have a BP actor added to my Sequencer.
  • The BP actor has a “Spawn” custom event that starts a timeline (which animates some spawn effects).
  • I’m using a TriggerEvent track in Sequencer, and the event on that track is wired up to trigger Spawn.
  • “Call in editor” is selected on the Sequencer TriggerEvent, and on the BP Spawn Event

Spawn is firing, but the timeline doesn’t update. It does work in PIE. I’m guessing this is because Tick doesn’t work without PIE/MRQ?

I have spent a lot of time on this (and similar issues), and basically, the best way to think about UE is that sequencer is an entirely different piece of software, where the game-engine is… well, not that useful. It can be useful for some things (like enabling/disabling niagara events etc.), but you have to keep your animations separate - in sequencer, use transforms and animations, in game-engine, use BPs.

What I’d really love to see though is how people can animate large scenes in sequencer, with many different objects moving etc. I can’t imagine how would one person do that (team via sub-sequences yes, but otherwise?).