How to start a new map extension.

Hi there,

I’ve spent two days searching these forums and googling just about everything related I can, but for the life of me I cannot find a step by step instruction on how to begin creating a new map extension. I want to make a new Island for ‘TheIsland’ map, yet I’m unsure how to begin. I’ve always just played around with creating new islands, but how do I make one with relative positioning on TheIsland?

May be a noob question, but this is my first foray into Extensions and have yet to find an answer to this question. If there is a quick n dirty tutorial for making a giant rock extension in the waters of theIsland, that would be ideal.



I too have been wondering this. I figured copying TheIsland.umap into the mod directory would be a good start, but it seems all the submap references are broken. How do you start this?

I’m also looking for a step by step guide for the center to put additional things on it

Pretty simple really. Make a new level in the theislandsubmaps folder, load the map you want to add edits to, open “window>levels” and load your level on top of the main map. Select your level on the right in “Scene Outliner”. Add your new meshes or landscape or whatever. Make sure they are “in” or “under” your level (drag mesh or whatever onto your level name, that makes it the parent) Once finished with edits, save your extension, NOT the main map. Cook it as a map extension. If adding new resources, you have to set them to the specific sublevel in the foliage settings for resource.

If I have loaded the map “The Center”, I can not load my level because it is not visible.
It is in the directory “TheIslandSubMaps”
If I create a level in the directory “TheCenter” and load the map “The Center” and then load my level, the level already has a blue font.
If I then double-click my level then it is not shown to the right of the “Scene Outliner”.

So I’ve got everything now, only I can not learn more engrams, which originate from mods, originals I can learn.

What is the reason now?

Do you have a primal game data specified in your map extension?
If you answer yes, remove it. If no, I don’t know because having a specified pgd in the ext is the only thing that has prevented me from learning engrams.

Yes it was, thank you now everything works.

Sorry for necroing the thread but, 1st thank you P0k3r for saving the day again and, 2nd what if I just want to add some resources like some salt and sulfur on the island mountains and don’t wish to add new terrains or anything else?

Thanks in advance.