How to spread grass mesh across all of the terrain UE5 [Solved]

Hello! How can I spread a grass mesh across all of my terrain within ue5? Currently i’m limited to the foliage tool which is very nice, but the density is limited to 1, and i wish to make it more dense than that (see below!)

I’ve been unable to find good resources / tutorials for this. If anyone has any good resources for this, can you please comment them below (either for increasing max foliage density or some sort of material to spread the grass mesh across all of the terrain, or both!). Thanks for all comments in advance!

Depends on what you need and what is actually avaliable in ue5.

If the procedural tools are avaliable, use those. Having accessible instances is much better.

If they are not, then the landscape material grass output is the only viable alternative.

You have no control of the individual instances.

You should be able to use any ue4 tutorial to get this going in 5 even if the UI is different.

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Thank you! This helps so much!

For those looking in the future at this thread, here is a reference to the tutorial I followed!