How to split up an object into different values in animation graph?

Hello all,
to the initial situation:

Currently my AnimationBlueprint is parented with the c+±class UOverallAnimInstance (see attachment). The plan was to receive a big set of animation parameters over the network (in the event graph), store them in the event graph in one animation_params object (e.g. animation blueprint variable: It would be very cumbersome to define one variable containing each received member variable, so it would be comfortable if the values just can be retrieved) and split up these values in the animation graph into different values. Blending between two poses would also be done in the Animation Graph.

To the questions:
1.) My first idea would have been to set the corresponding AnimationCurves via the modifyCurve blueprints and an AnimationGetter. If the workflow fits reasonably well: in the picture below i just managed to create a getter local to the UOverallAnimInstance, is it also possible to design this “getter” of all values local to the UAnimationParam Class and using it in animation graph?
2.) Otherwise: Is there a more convenient workflow for this or is there some kind of translation into keyframes, based on which the engine can then automatically interpolate? (according to the current idea this would still be done by hand).

Many thanks and with best regards