How to split objects?.

Hi, I was thinking, is there a way to cut or slice (with a plane) a 3D object?.

In other words, let say I have a sphere, and I want to slice it in half, so I end up having 2 domes.

Is this possible to do with some out of the box library or simple blueprint manipulation? (without having to code a lot in C++ that is, I’m sure this is possible with enough knowledge)


I don’t believe that’s possible out of the box no.

Why not slice it in a 3d application then import it to UE4? A shader based effect would also do. An idea should be - YouTube

Because I want it to be completely dynamic. The slice could be in the center, or close to the end, or with an angle, etc.

Dynamic destruction is currently not in ue4, it’s on their trello backlog to look into it but I don’t think it’s a scheduled feature or anything.