How to split fbx file and root animations

i bought model pack from assets unity store but i can’t import fbx correctly because all models are in one file any help how to split file into multiple fbx files ?

BONUS: 3d max trial installer/web site think doesnt want to work .

fbx imports but looks very weird ?

and blender import gives some error.

Edit: i did not want add new question so i added second part.
i managed to get meshes work but there is fbx files with animation only and i get error “Error Mesh contains Root bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track.
Import failed.”
any ideas how to fix ? free trial for 3d max or maya or something from unreal side.
if choose import without “import as skeletal” option i get “Error Could not find any node.”

Hello larmi,

I would just like to clarify that you are attempting to import one .FBX file and within that file there are multiple objects (meshes)?

If this is the case, there is a checkbox when importing your .FBX file in UE4 that splits up your meshes as individual objects. The checkbox is called “Combine Meshes” and is checked by default. Uncheck this when importing and see if this solves your problem.


I can’t find the option Combine Meshes in Unreal Engine 5.3.0, I met the same question that I want to split the FBX model into pieces while importing it.