How to spectate A.I?

I’m trying to get it so when you press a certain key you can spectate the A.I character. I’ve tried using possess function but then the A.I will stop working and have me control it, I want the A.I to still be normal and attack human player. Also when you press that key again it goes back to your player

This is what you normally see:

This is what you see when you press the key:

I want it so you can’t control the A.I you are just able to spectate it.

Any help is appreciated

set target view with blend … toggle to its camera.

Where at? level blueprint, main player event graph or somewhere else?

Nevermind it works but how can I get it so when I press the key again it goes back to normal?

Should do it in the character BP.

To toggle back target is player controller, new view target is self (reference to your character).

Use a flip flop node