How to specify which test the automation tool should run


Currently I am working on Tests with the ATF_Game flag. I need this kind of test because I want to test some interaction with the world. I have 2 main issues with this kind of tests.

First of all it seems to be impossible to run these tests in Editor + SessionFrontend. The reason might be, that this kind of tests is mend to ensure safe cooking and packaging. It would be nice if the Frontend would be capable of running this kind of tests. Maybe I am wrong and this works already. In that case please tell me how.

The second and more pressures issue is that I don’t know how to specify the tests I want to run. With the following batch line I can run all the tests, including my custom made tests, but also including a ton of predefined tests. I want to run my own tests only.

 start "Testing" "%UE4EnginePath%\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat" BuildCookRun -project=%ProjectPath%\LivingKingdoms.uproject -run -RunAutomationTests -unattended -nullrhi -NoP4

Additionally I would like to know what -nullrhi and -NoP4 do or where I can find a list of available commands.

Thank you in advance!

I found a solution to this. It is rather simple. The command is below.

start "Testing" "%UE4EnginePath%\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat" BuildCookRun -project=%ProjectPath%\MyGame.uproject -run -RunAutomationTest=Mygame.Subsytsem -unattended -nullrhi -NoP4


Editor.exe "%ProjectPath%\MyGame.uproject" -run -RunAutomationTest=Mygame.Subsytsem -unattended -nullrhi -NoP4

You can use a part of the prettyname after this -RunAutomationTest=
If you have a Test with prettyname MyGame.SubsystemA.FunctionF, you can use any MyGame, MyGame.SubsystemA or the fully Name to decide wheter you want to run all MyGame Tests, the SubsystemA or only the FunctionF.

However, the Program won’t close on its own like when you use -RunAutomationTests.

I still don’t know what the parameters -nullrhi -NoP4 do exactly. They are handed in Editor.exe and I lost track there.