How to specify Default Level Blueprint?


There is this sentence in the docs about Level Blueprints:

"Each game can specify the default Level Blueprint class in the DefaultGame.ini config file. The Level Blueprints for all new maps will be created using this class allowing for game-specific additions and functionality. "

However, when I open that config file there is no such thing as Level Blueprint that I could change. Do I need to type in something manually? If so, what?

Any help would be appreciated.

What are you trying to do? More information on what you are trying to do would be helpful… (Its late, and I’m slow!) Thanks!

I will mark this as answered, since I found out that inheriting Level Blueprints from a Default Level Blueprint is not possible.

Thank you for your time, but I found out that what I’m looking for is not an option.

I am unclear about your question too, but it is possible to extend the level blueprint in C++ and after reparenting, you have the full level blueprint plus enhancements you make. If this has anything to do with what you are asking, I can provide steps to get there and there are additionally wiki examples. If not, then please ignore.

Hi eagletree, thanks for your reply!
What you just described is exactly what I was after, but I was told it is not possible. I think what they meant then was that it is not possible in Blueprints. I was offered a workaround, to implement what I want in the Game Mode, plus to be honest, I am not so proficient in C++, therefore I wouldn’t waste your time, however if you have a few links about this topic, I would appreciate if you send some, so at least I can have an idea about how its done. Thanks.

Just to clarify it more, I wanted to create a spawnpoint selecting system in a Level Blueprint, and I wanted to create all my other Level Blueprints inherited from that modified one, meaning that when I create a new level, the spawnpoint selection system will be already there, but I can implement level specific things in each one.

Hi Kontur, have you found out why it is not possible? I would like to achieve the same thing… I have many levels and thus level BPs and I do not want to have to create the same functionality every time…

Under class defaults there is the Level Script Actor from which all level BPs inherit, and then theoretically it could be changed at least…But when I was looking for it in the engine folder I did not find it.