How to spawn x static meshes in a grid x by y

Hey guys I can spawn X actors in a straight line easily enough with X spacing. What I’d like to figure out is how to take that to the next dimension (and 3rd after that). How do you set up your construction script to spawn say 25 cubes 1 meter big and say 1 meter apart from each other in a 5 by 5 grid. And then do the same thing but do it in the X Y and Z so there would be say 75 in total.

So I ‘Think’ I got it. This seems to work (see picture) - but is it possible there a ‘better way’? More performant or versatile but still using Blueprint?

you could use a Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Component

Use 2D Grid Execution Macro.

Oh that’s brilliant. This in conjunction with that macro the other person mentioned is definitely the way to go. Thank You.