How to spawn within a blueprint

I’m trying to spawn objects from a class within a blueprint. For frame of reference, it’s a hand of cards being dealt to players. What I’m looking for is to have a single blueprint that I can move and duplicate and all actions on those cards happens within that area. So, in pic 1 you can see how things are placed. When I hit play, the cards spawn and turn as expected (I started with the BlackJack example game), but they are spawned and rotated at 0,0,0 in world space. In my blueprint you can see how it’s set up, the Static Meshes referenced for the Relative Locations is the cards on the table. One for each card I want in my hand. The CreateCard custom event is fired 7 times in a row and as stated before, works right, just goes to the center of the screen rather than spawning in place at the blueprint location.

So, the question is pretty simple. How do I get the cards to spawn and function like they already do, but in the spot I want them?

I’m not entirely sure. They should not all be at the same place however the transform you provide to the spawn is the world transform.

So right now you’re inputting a relative to an absolute location.

Besides that I would try to output what location those “Static Mesh X” have via a “Print String” node. Just to double check that the problem is in your script and not with how you obtain the location.

I actually found a way to do this that works pretty well. Basically, I set the placement I want in the BP with components that are hidden in-game. I then get their location and rotation, make a transform with that and save it to an array. Then when spawning, I get each index in that array and set to a transform variable and spawn to each of those with a foreach loop. See the screens for the exact setup. One additional element I’ve added since then is a way to set the number of cards spawned in each player’s hand so I can preview that in editor and then at runtime it spawns the correct number to each hand.