How to spawn one specified actor automatically though all my levels?

Hello. I have a actor that is designed to calculate some values (which are saved in game instance) in the level according to the current game time in tick. What is the best or easy way to spawn this actor automatically in all my levels since I have many maps? Or can I make this actor to be permanent though the game such that it could not be destoryed when level is changed and I don’t need to spawn it again.
Thank you!

You could make the game instance do this job, maybe, depends on what it is…

If you used level streaming, you could keep the actor in the persistent level.

You could also spawn the actor from the game instance after loading a level.


Thank you. How to detect whether a level is finished loading or changed in the game instance?

If you change the level, then you know when it changed. I don’t think there’s a neat way to know when a level has finished loading. I check if I can see the player start.

In any event, all spawned actors are placed in the persistent level.