How to spawn multiple different meshes using HISM?

I need a bit of help. I am trying to use HISM to create a building using a CSV file.
But for some reason, I am not able to get multiple instances to spawn different meshes.
For example, I am able to get a single static mesh to spawn properly on every location assigned in the CSV.
But as soon as I want to spawn different instances of different meshes. It only takes a single mesh and spawns it in the assigned locations.
(The CSV has the name of the mesh and where each mesh should be spawned )
If anyone has a suggestion to solve this problem, do let me know. It would be a great help.

You need 1 instance of HISM component per mesh type. Add an instance per mesh type and set it’s static mesh.


I have done that, within the .csv file I have the locations and names of each mesh that needs to be placed to create a building.
But I am only able to spawn only 1 mash and not more than that.
I tried making an array but it didn’t help. I also tried attaching multiple components in the HISM script using a sequence. But all these didn’t help.
I am able to spend only 1 asset in all the locations which are not useful in making a building.

Are you using add instance? (usually in a loop)

yes, but like u said to add static mesh after HISM. I have done that as well. But it is only taking in only 1 mesh out of 10 meshes and only spawning that specific mesh in the correct location. But am not able to add the remaining meshes.

You need 1 hierarchical static mesh per component type.

For a new mesh you need to add a new hism component and set its mesh. (You need multiple hism components in the same actor)


So that means, if I have 10 meshes, then I have to create 10 different sequences for each static mesh with its own HISM.


Thank you so much brother :grin: :pray: