How to Spawn mesh from reference

Hi I have a datatable which has a mesh reference, X, Y, and Z
I can use X, Y, and Z to spawn a static mesh but I dont know how to use the mesh reference from the datatable

This is where Ive got to, Im trying to use the Tree Type node which is a Static Mesh Object Reference


If you don’t know until run time what kind of mesh it’s going to be, obviously you can’t set it in the details. Then you need:

Is that TreeType pin of type ‘static mesh object reference’?

Thanks yes it was.

Ive changed the way I was thinking with this and decided to try to spawn an actor because I would like to have collision events and populate the actor with information.
The actor needs to contain some information in the form of four strings, I can get the actors to spawn but I dont understand how to pass the strings into the actors as I spawn them, heres my level blueprint, I started looking at an array, I have made an array variable in my actor BP but how do I pass the data to the actors as I spawn them?

I found a workable process see below
By spawning an actor is this an instance? will I run into performance issues down the track using this method?

Ive basically made a BP with an empty mesh, a collider and a string array, then use this in th elevel BP to populate and distrubute the asset around the scene.

You have the correct method :slight_smile:

I got there in the end haha, datatables are interesting to work with