How to spawn enemy AI by timer?

Hello, I am making a zombie survival game. I have my enemy (AI Character) already programmed. Now I want to spawn 3 enemies every 15 seconds at specific locations, which I already have. this is the blueprint of my AI character (I don’t know if this is necessary):


Much thanks in advance!!

Thanks you for the answer! I will try it. I’ll let you know if it worked.

You’ll probably implement this logic in your Game Mode. You could use Set Timer by Function Name or Set Timer by Event in order to spawn them. When to trigger this would be up to you. Something like, begin Play > 15 second delay > spawn enemies > wait 15 seconds > spawn enemies.

It worked. I’ve managed to spawn the enemies, but now they won’t sense me and come after me. I’ve programmed it in the level blueprint and I can"t make a connection to the AICharacter blueprint. Do you have an idea of how to fix this?
Here is my blueprint:

Not sure how your AI is set up, but are you running your behavior tree at this point? You’ll want to use “Run Behavior Tree” node if not. Might review this tutorial to make sure everything is clear.

I had this same problem recently. I had to spawn an instance of the ai controller that I made for my enemies as seen in this picture.

… check this one as well … ; ] ,