How to spawn bullets just like fireworks in blueprint?

Sorry about my poor English,I’m a ue4 beginner and I’m working on a 3D Bullet Hell game now, and I need to spawn bullets from a point and shoot in all directions just like fireworks or “Sphere” which you can see in particle.


But I just don’t know how to do it.What I know only is using spawn actor from class node but I still can’t work out.Is there anyone who can help me solve this problem? thanks: )

I think you’re better off making that in UE4’s particle system.

well,because I need check if the bullets hit player and something else, so I think I have to use blueprint,or do you mean I can do it in a particle system ?

If you know how fast the particle moves you could use a sphere collision and expand its radius and check for overlaps. It wouldn’t map 1 to 1 with the particle but it would emulate the results cheaply.

Oh,thanks,that’s quite a good way,but I prefer a more accurate way:-)

ive done something similar in 2D but 3d is way more complex. the way i did it in 2d though was to take how many projectiles i wanted to spawn then divide 360 by that number then set each projectiles rotation via a for loop. so i you wanted 4 projectiles then it would be 360/4=90, then run through a loop where you multiply the index by 90 and set the projectiles rotation to that number (index 0=rot 0, index 1=rot 90, etc)

appreciated bro! It did work but in 3d I had to add another loop to keep the whole shape a sphere,which caused FPS down below even 10FPS,I guess maybe the engine can’t spawn hundreds of actors at the same time and that’s the next problem I need to solve.Thanks for the help ! :slight_smile: