How to spawn an object after another?

Hello, I would like to know how to spawn an object seconds or should I say milliseconds after an object spawns. For example, right now I’m building a soccer a game and does not have actual “players” in it but basically what happens is that one soccer ball will spawn then another one should spawn after the first one if the user kicks the ball into the net or 0.5 seconds after the first one spawns. How actually is this done? And also i dont want exact location i want this randomly on the screen

there is “spawn actor from class” inside blueprint. When you select that node, you will se 3 inputs:

  1. Class < This is what you want to spawn so you select your ball here
  2. Spawn Transform < This is rotation, scale and location of object you want to spawn. So you can input node “Make transform” and put random nodes to “Make transform”.
  3. Spawn even if colliding < self explainatory, but in case you didn’t understand it, if checked it will create a ball on top of player or other object, unselecting will only spawn balls on location where are no other objects.
    The output:
    Return value < This is your actor, you set variable here, so that you can destroy actor when it enters the net.
    Image below:

You sir are brilliant i thank u for solving and taking the time for my problem THANK YOU