how to spawn ai?

i use a basic building system and its works great when i spawn mesh and bp (like walls etc), however when i try to spawn AI, the AI get stuck mid air with fall animation.
how do i make it that the AI will touch the ground?
tried to enable physics to some parts of the AI yet he just fall a side while in the fall animation

EDIT: i am using enum. the player press ‘1’ to spawn weak ai
press ‘2’ to spawn stronger ai

When spawning AI they need to have an AI Controller assigned to them. A default one may be already set but you should set the AI Controller and ensure the AI is possessed by it. Also, and probably the number 1 reason people have issues with their simple AI is…, your map will have to have a navmeshbounds box placed in it allowing your ai to navigate the area.

thank you for your answer. my first problem was that the summon AI get stuck however that got fix but my main problem is that the building system witch i will use to call the AI. i cant make the AI that shown pre-deploy snap to the floor.