How to Spawn AI via Blueprint?

So, I’ve been Googling this for almost a month, and still haven’t found anything. At first, I was trying to use the “Spawn Actor from Class node,” and that didn’t work, despite spawning a default controller with it. Next, I used the “Spawn AI from Class” node, which seemed to work a lot better. However, the AI just runs in place rather than running towards me, a problem I had never experienced when I simply dragged the AI into the level. So, does anyone know how to spawn a functioning AI via level (or any) blueprint?

Sweet! It actually works now. Thanks!

Hey there,

spawning the AI via the SpawnAIFromClass node should totally work. But you might want to check the following setting, which you can find in the ClassDefaults of your AI Character/Pawn:

If you look closely, you can see the Auto Posses AI setting. If this is set to Placed In World you might want to set it to Placed in World OR Spawned.

If this doesn’t help, you might need to share some pictures of your settings and Blueprints with me (:



Awesome (: make sure to accept Answer that solved your problem, so others see that it’s resolved!