How to Spawn AI From Blueprint?

So I’ve been Googling this for about a month now, and still haven’t found anything. At first, I was trying to spawn my AI using the “Spawn Actor from Class” node. Even after spawning a default controller with it, it didn’t work. Then, I tried using the “Spawn AI from Class” node, and that seemed to work a little better. However, the AI just runs in place instead of running toward me, a problem that I never encountered when simply dragging the AI into the level. So, does anyone know how to spawn a functioning AI via level (or any) blueprint?

(Also if this sounds kind of weird, it is because I am still a little new to the engine)

I Have one problem like you , my IA works good if its placed at level and works bad cause dont trigger collision if it spawns from blueprint

Waiting for info , or solution

… Check this … : ) ,