How to Spawn Actors to special location and not to same location?

I can refer to this blueprint.
That Logic is to compare target location before actor spawning.

but my level it doesn’t work.
i mean It keep to spawning same location.

Any Advises?

Also I research and try to collision logic that checking after spawning whether Actor be in same location or not, So there is issue wasted of data.

This is My Random location Spawning actor nodes.

Although I Set “Collision Handling Override” to " Try to Adjust Location, But Always Spawn ".
but it isn’t give effect to distinguish same location.

At the moment you set a location and iterate to spawn your actors.
You need your “random location step” inside the for loop. Then you try to find a random location with every new actor. Further you need to check last spawn and new spawn to avoid the same spot two times in a row or something like spot is already used if they stay at your spawning location.

So for the beginning put your “For Loop” node at the beginning of your execution.

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Thanks for Reply :slight_smile:
there are many ways to achieve this issue. And i’ve solved this issue like this.

Every Spawner has boolean to Spawn check or not.
So When this logic is executed at first time, Spawner supposed to has boolean “true”.
After Second execution, It will be pass and the other spawner will execute spawning Actor.

It seems like Switch or something haha:)

The Most important thing is “Random Integer in Range” is Pure Function.
As you know, there is a reason why i should set “Random Integer Value” Before Branch !

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