How to spawn actor outside current blueprint class

Hi UE developers

I am trying to use the node spawn actor from class to spawn an actor just below my player pawn everything is fine until here it spawns without any issue however it seems attached to my player pawn and receives input which are supposed to my player pawn only ! , I have tried number of options changing its’ parent or using detach from actor node, but it always seems receiving input since I am spawning it from my player pawn blueprint class.

to clarify the problem the spawned actor seems to move the opposite direction of my player pawn when I press input buttons (arrow keys), I have tried whatever possible including checking disable input on that blueprint and number of different options to make share it does not receive input from my player pawn but it does I have to clue what is causing that ! , and when I tried to print the parent of the spawned actor (from the return value pin) nothing is printed !

(Unfortunately image upload is not working for me today)


Maybe you have auto-possess on in the character defaults? This sounds like a strange one.

I hope with images one can understand,I’ve tried disabling that still the same, if you can see the image when the ship moves down that sphere moves towards the ship where it has simulate physics enabled and should not interact with my inputs at all, this is really confusing to me

You may have already tried this, but if you are trying to make an immobile “copy” of your ship, you could duplicate the blueprint and then delete out all the inputs from the copy.

That way it can’t possibly receive input if it doesn’t even have the input nodes in its graph. :wink:

No I am not trying to do this actually, I am trying to make the ship drop bombs, and they should go down and explode when hitting an object, everything is fine but the problem the bomb as you can in the picture is accepting input/or something else causing it to interact as if I move the ship down it moves towards the ship and vise versa, I am confused why this is actually happening !!!

Hey, what does your Actor Bomb inherit from? is it a C++ or Blueprint? Also, have you tried to do this using the standard projectile interface UE4 has? For example the one that comes with their FPS template. Should be able to use that and tweak accordingly to make a drop bomb behavior rather than a gun bullet (I’m guessing here, haven’t done this myself)

Oh, whoops. I see now. For some reason, when you mentioned it receiving input, it just made me think you were spawning a copy of the class that you were.

Wait…so you are spawning a completely different class with no inputs and it is receiving input from your controller?

Yeah, I’m stumped too, then. :frowning:

It is a simple actor blueprint inheriting from Actor blueprint of course, it has a sphere and a particle system along with a sound cue, and in blueprint I have a single hit event nothing special, I am not sure why it moves actually !

Yeah it seems crazy :), I am not really sure why it moves this way where it should stand still or move only at the direction where linear velocity is applied

OK finally, I think I got it
first of all I had linear damping at 0.01 which was causing the object to slow down I don’t know why this value is the default where it should be 0 :), additionally the input was nothing but an illusion nothing more I have deeply analyzed velocity and transform of the other object it is not getting affected by the ship object it is only an illusion because I was getting to the object with almost same velocity I am giving to the other object and this was caused by the linear damping default value which was causing the bomb object to slow down, additionally to make sure the user does not get this illusion I am going to increase the velocity of the bomb object,
Thanks for all of you for your great support :slight_smile: