How to Spawn actor from class and duplicate it N times changing it's position by the same value very time


I wanted to spawn a sprite and then duplicate it N times by using the “Do N” node. I wanted every duplicated sprite to be moved from the next sprite by the same amount (1st - 0, 0, 0⠀⠀⠀2nd - 0, 32, 0⠀⠀⠀⠀3rd - 0, 64, 0 ⠀4th - 0, 96, 0 etc.). I tried to do this:
It was choosing a random sprite and then spawning it’s actor.

Then I wanted to set the new location of the spawned actor:

And then I wanted to duplicate it by a number I choose (length variable) using the: “Do N” node which i plugged back into the spawn actor…

Can someone tell me what did I wrong and eventually help me fix my problem. Thank you!

Try it like this:

And you can check this out since we’re building arrays:

Real handy stuff!

I would do as Everynone said, but if you really want to keep your method, your mistake was to use the constant Length instead of the Counter in the actor transform