How to spawn actor from another spawned actor?

When you spawn your C4 from the ReturnValue drag of the pin and create a variable. This way you have a reference. From this reference you can then get the ActorTransform and spawn your explosion. After that destroy both.

I’m trying to make c4 for a project I am working on.
Currently I have given the player the ability to place the c4 at the press of a button. (Shown below)

This works perfectly as the C4 CLASS is referenced and spawned at a target point in the player’s hand.
The difficulty arises when I tried to add the ability to explode the C4.
The way I want this to work is by spawning a damage volume (this is the C4 EXPLOSION object) on the location of the C4 for a split second (0.1 seconds) before destroying both the C4 and the C4 EXPLOSION.

This does not work, however. Not even so much as an error in the error log. I believe the problem to be getting a reference to the C4 object as it is not in the scene from the start (Rather placed by the player themselves). In this particular screenshot, I have not referenced the C4 EXPLOSION object, although that is not the issue.
I would like some help getting a reference for the C4 object itself after it is spawned and then spawning a C4 EXPLOSION object onto it.

Thanks for any help!

It’s easier to make the C4 blueprint so that it also accepts input and can respond to the C key. Then you can spawn the explosion in the C4, which is also more logical.

Sorry for replying so late!
Thank you so much! This really helped with the problem I was having!
However there is still a small error if you wouldn’t mind helping out just a little bit more.
When detonating the c4, the explosion only effects the last placed object, meaning any c4 placed before it does not explode.
Is there any way I could make all the c4 explode at once?
Thanks and here is my current blueprint:

You can use an array. As shown below you would place some C4s on the ground and then let the first one you placed explode, then the one after that and so on.

Or let them all explode.